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Can E-commerce revolutionize dental equipment marketing techniques?

The long and short of this answer is yes – and it has already begun.

Long ago, dental visits were fewer and well-spaced. They were primarily for tooth extraction. During the period, dentists ordered supplies, consumables, and parts from the medical equipment suppliers within their locality.

Even the large manufacturers had localized distributors who knew the dental practitioners personally. So it was easy for the dentists to make a call or fill in catalog order, and wait for the dental suppliers to visit them, explain issues, agree on the process and make delivery.

This modus operandi, however, started evolving into something else. Many factors triggered this metamorphosis.

So what changed?

A lot of changes is taking place in dental equipment marketing techniques. But in the last decade, the pace has accelerated significantly. It all began with improvements in information technology.
First, the cost of computers dropped while their processing capabilities increased. As such, Internet penetration exploded.Thus, online connectivity penetrated not only in the cities but also spread to small rural towns.

Second, and directly related to the information technology, is the propagation of websites and e-commerce portals. Online dental resources are growing in volumes and values. As such, getting technical specifications and making orders is easy and reliable.
This has made dentists reconsider the way to place orders.

Last is the expansion of economies. This economic growth has increased the proportion of the middle class. With bigger disposal income, this group has created a new dental care segment – cosmetic dentistry.

Many people now visit the dentist to make their smiles great and their mouths gorgeous.

Big changes – greater headaches

The above factors have had a two-fold implication to the dental equipment marketingtechniques. The transformations forced even the most reluctant dentists to reconsider the way they interact with both their suppliers as well as their customers, on one hand.

And on the other hand, the online presence converted the hitherto local dental equipment manufacturers and suppliers into global delivery channels. As such, demand for their supplies increased. Besides, they now face logistical nightmare on how to deliver gadgets halfway around the world.

These disruptions shuttered the previous relationship between the three parties involved in dental industries forever. But did these raffling of fathers made the relationship better or worse?

Ecommerce marketing techniques

The trio still needs each other. But the level of interactions has changed. The patientsare demanding more unconventional services that require new techniques. The equipment suppliers have their logistical problems and cost-saving measures to attend to, while the dentists needed modern equipment delivered quickly to resolve the emerging demands of their fickle clients.

This way, dentists have to do a lot of research online to establish the best equipment suitable for their specific clients’ need. In an effort to reach as many dental equipment suppliers as possible, the equipment manufacturers provide all the technical details on their website for the marketers to appreciate.

The suppliers also seek to eliminate physical equipment deliveries while maintaining professionalism to the dental outfits. So they develop a logistical supply chain mechanism to reach dentists around the world around the clock.

And so the online marketing has also brought in any group in this equation. Besides marketers, there are professional reviewers, regulators as well as independent evaluators to give dentists additional confidence while seeking to order online. Further, they try to minimize the confusion that competing dental equipment could create in the process.

But even with all these alterations in the dental marketing techniques, e-commerce is still in its infancy. Dentists should brace for further confusion while positioning
themselves to reap the huge gains this avenue hold.

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