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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when did it start?

It all started when we all were in the middle of Covid, May 2020, and Dr. Cherry Chamria had been so busy buying her own dental set-up that she became intrigued by the concept of starting this business.

What values drove us towards this business opportunity?

Her experience as a dentist taught her that obtaining dental materials that are easy to shop for, have transparent rates, and are of high quality can be difficult, but this is what ODS stands for.

What are we offering?

You get 100% authentic products from ODS, along with quick delivery and a wide selection of all brands

Where are we located and what areas do we serve?

At the present, we are just in Mumbai, but we provide services all over India and also across the country too.

When did we begin our business?

Online Dental Shopping was planned and executed in September-2019. We successfully launched the website on 1st May 2020 and processed the first order on 3rd May 2020.

Who is in our team?

Different teams do different tasks, likely the Website team, the Social media team, the product packaging team, the supply team, and the accounts team.

Why did we choose to go into this business?

The fact that ODS carries products from all the different brands was a result of my experience as a dentist who had to order from several vendors for so many brands.

How can someone become a client or customer?

We can be contacted via Whatsapp, or they can order directly from the website or DM us the product list they need.

Why are we different?

Our inventory is stocked for quick and emergency service with delivery in a few hours for fast-moving products this few hours service is currently available in Mumbai, but soon it will be available across India also.

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