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Guide to Endodontic Instruments in Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a popular dental surgery that is used to repair and preserve teeth that are badly damaged or infected. The operation is performed in order to prevent the need for extraction. It entails removing infected pulp from the root canal system of the tooth and then filling and closing the canal to prevent any additional infection from occurring. When it comes to completing effective root canal treatments, endodontic instruments are an absolutely necessary component. The following is an overview of some of the most important tools that are used in endodontics.

Endodontic Burs

During a root canal, burs are the first instruments used. They make access to the canals easier by opening up the pulp chamber of the tooth. Depending on the kind of tooth being treated and the size of the bur, burs can be found in a variety of sizes.

Root Canal Explorer

Once the inside of a tooth has been opened up by burs, the endodontist will use this small, pointed instrument to look into the inside of the tooth in order to find any orifices. When necessary, an explorer may be used to chip away at calcification in very small quantities.


Excavators are dental instruments that are very similar to explorers but are longer and sharper. They are used to remove minute quantities of tissue from the inside of teeth.

Barbed Broach

The majority of the tissue from the inside of a tooth can be removed with the help of the barbed broach. It is then injected into the tissue in order for its barbs to secure a hold on the tissue after the instrument has been withdrawn.

Files and Reamers

These tools are available in a wide range of sizes, much like long, thin drill bits. They are used in order, starting with the tiniest, to gradually open and broaden the canals so that the next instrument that is suitable for the job may reach them.

Gates-Glidden drills

This specific kind of drill bit is helpful in further opening the canal, especially in the molars. They are also used during the process of root canal retreatment to remove gutta-percha, which is a substance that is similar to putty and is often used to fill root canals.

Peeso Reamer

During the retreatment process, this instrument is used only for the purpose of removing gutta-percha.

Ultrasonic Instruments

These instruments can be used to remove endodontic and restorative materials from the canal area inside the tooth, as well as show calcified canals. These devices function by vibration and produce a high-pitched sound, which, when they are initially switched on, can come as a surprise to the user.

Keep in mind that efficient use of these devices requires both the appropriate knowledge and the necessary expertise. Endodontic tools must be handled with extreme care, subjected to routine sterilisation, and discarded if they show signs of wear or damage. In order to perform root canal treatment successfully, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the function of each tool and how it should be used.

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