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3M Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Syringe


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3M Filtek Z250 XT Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative is formulated with a broad range of particle sizes to allow a higher filler loading. The result is high flexural strength, diametral tensile strength and wear resistance. 3M Filtek Z250 XT Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative was specifically designed to yield a composite that is easy to polish and easy to achieve a good aesthetic result. It is indicated for use in: Direct anterior and posterior restorations (including occlusal surfaces), Core build-ups, Splinting, Indirect restorations (including inlays, onlays and veneers).Its nanometer-sized particles wear at a similar rate to tooth enamel. The unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles provides excellent wear resistance similar to tooth enamel. Smaller filler particles make a composite more wear resistant because they leave less interparticle distance and the resin matrix is more protected. The filler design of Filtek Z250 XT Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative with its nanoparticles reduces the exposed resin and gives Filtek Z250 XT Nano Hybrid restorative excellent wear resistance.

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