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Avue Cal


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Avue Cal Calcium Hydroxide Premixed Paste is a premium dental material that exemplifies excellence in both form and function. This top-notch item has been manufactured to conform to the stringent requirements of contemporary dental practice.

Avue Cal is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste created to facilitate dental operations. This premium dental filling material has a foolproof recipe that guarantees its efficacy and simplicity of application.

Calcium hydroxide’s powerful impacts

Calcium hydroxide is a tried-and-true material in dentistry, and it is put to good use in Avue Cal. Because of its well-documented capacity to speed up the healing process, this substance is increasingly being used in a broad range of dental settings.


  • Apexification is a popular use for dental avenue Avuecal. It’s an essential part of endodontics since it aids in the healing and sealing of exposed tooth roots at the apex.
  • This pulp capping paste is pre-mixed and ready to use, making it perfect for protecting and repairing infected tooth pulp.
  • When performing a root canal, Avue Cal is an invaluable asset. Helps kill bacteria in the root canals to stop the spread of illness.
  • The paste helps facilitate a fundamental phase in the upkeep of healthy teeth: the creation of dentin bridges.


  • Avue Cal is pre-mixed for your convenience, so you may spend less time measuring, mixing, and measuring again during dental treatments. No shaking or stirring is required.
  • The paste can be applied with little effort, guaranteeing a quick and painless dental experience.
  • Calcium hydroxide used in the production of Avue Cal is of the greatest purity, guaranteeing both its effectiveness and safety.
  • As it is well tolerated by the human body, it can be used for a variety of dental operations.

Avue Cal Calcium Hydroxide Premixed Paste is the product of choice when it comes to dental supplies. Get the greatest deal when you buy avue cal calcium hydroxide online at best price online now. This premium product will take your dental office to new heights of success.

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