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Denmax Rvg Sensor Sleeves


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Denmax Dental RVG Sensor Sleeves are the next generation in dental imaging, offering unmatched hygiene and accuracy. The dental industry now has access to the highest levels of infection control and image quality improvement, due to these sleeves’ compatibility with digital radiography sensors.


In today’s state-of-the-art dental clinics, the Denmax digital X ray sensor sleeves are a must-have. During digital radiography treatments, they prevent the patient’s mouth from coming into contact with the X-ray sensor. This guarantees the greatest levels of infection control by preventing cross-contamination and the transmission of infectious agents. The sleeves are designed to work with a variety of RVG sensors, so they should fit properly and not get in the way of any tests.


  • The key benefit of using Denmax digital sensor RVG sleeves is that they help to keep things sterile. These disposable sleeves protect both the patient and the dental staff against the spread of germs and viruses.
  • The transparent material used to make the sleeves ensures that X-ray signals are not significantly reduced in any way. This guarantees that the recorded images are as close to reality as possible, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • With your comfort in mind, Denmax created the RVG Sensor Sleeves. They fit snugly over the sensor without interfering with its operation, so you may take pictures without any problems.
  • Because the sleeves are disposable, time-consuming sterilisation procedures are unnecessary, freeing up more of the doctor’s schedule. They protect the delicate sensor surface from being harmed, which might save money in the long run by avoiding repairs.
  • Patients are less likely to experience pain or irritation from the X-ray machine because of the soft, smooth feel of the sleeves.
  • Dental practises may fulfil and even surpass regulatory requirements with the use of Denmax digital X ray sensor sleeves, which are compliant with worldwide infection control standards and laws.

Denmax’s disposable RVG sensor sleeves are an essential tool for today’s dental practitioners because they combine innovative hygiene technology with ergonomic design. These cutting-edge sensor sleeves can help you improve your infection-prevention practices and make accurate diagnoses. Denmax RVG Sensor Sleeves represent cutting-edge dental imaging technology and may revolutionise your practice’s approach to patient care.

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