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GC Flexceed Putty And Kit


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The GC Flexceed Putty And Kit revolutionises dental impressions by providing dentists with a state-of-the-art tool for taking precise, realistic impressions. This innovative tool, developed by GC, a leader in the dentistry industry, promises to take dental impressions to a new level of patient comfort and clinician ease.

The GC Flexceed Kit is an adaptable tool for use in a wide variety of dental operations. This set allows dentists to take high-quality photos of patients’ mouths before and after procedures including crown and bridge work, orthodontic appliance insertion, implant placement, and detachable prostheses. The putty’s flexibility allows it to conform easily to different anatomical features, resulting in consistently reliable imprints.


  • Even the smallest of oral details can be captured by the flexceed kit GC, guaranteeing a perfect fit for any restoration or appliance.
  • The putty is formulated to be soft and mild, so the patient doesn’t have to worry about any pain or discomfort while the impression is being taken.
  • The putty’s simple composition and non-slumping characteristics provide for a streamlined process for dental professionals, allowing for accurate implantation with little deformation.
  • Appointments that are set up quickly allow dentists to see more patients in a day without compromising quality.
  • The kit’s all-inclusive construction, which comprises various viscosities and accessories, guarantees reliable results for a wide range of dental treatments.
  • Because of the putty’s exceptional dimensional stability, impressions may be sent to the dental lab without fear of being distorted.

The GC Flexceed Kit gives dentists the tools they need to take impressions with unrivalled precision and efficiency, an essential skill in a field where accuracy is of the utmost importance. With GC’s history of dental innovation behind it, this device is proof that the field is always looking to the future. The GC Flexceed Putty And Kit will take your dental impressions to the next level.



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