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GC GIC 1 Luting & Lining Cement

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All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer includes strontium glass. The radiopacity and snapset of the strontium glass are both good. Clinicians all over the world agree that this is the best option. In an interesting way, strontium will act like calcium when it forms strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite in the tooth structure. This process is called internal remineralization.

Research has shown that when a strontium-based glass ionomer is put in an environment with calcium (like spit), calcium ions will diffuse into the surface of the glass ionomer, making the surface stronger. Over time, all GC gold label 1 Glass Ionomer get stronger in saliva.

After being mixed, the surface of all GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer will be shiny. This means that there is enough free polyacrylic acid to start the ion exchange process. Ions then move between the dentin, enamel, and GC Glass Ionomer, which makes an ion exchange zone that binds the three substances together chemically. The seal that is made is uniform, reliable, and lasts a long time.


  • Intrinsic chemical bonding to both tooth structure and metal.
  • Ideal wetting properties.
  • The film thickness of just 15 microns.
  • Glass Ionomer formulation.
  • Fluoride release.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Sharp-set features.
  • Low solubility.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Long-term clinical data.


  • No surface preparation or adhesion agent is needed, yet with excellent retention features.
  • Adequately strong for regular luting and lining cement needs.
  • Simple to mix, resulting in a smooth ultra-creamy mixture.
  • More long-lasting marginal seal.
  • The right viscosity for the lining, great flow, and full fitting of the crown, bridge, or orthodontic band.
  • Biocompatible and with a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion, keeping the marginal seal.
  • Safeguard from secondary caries.
  • Comfortable post-operative assessments.
  • Less chairside pressure for both patient and dentist.
  • Guarantee of success.


  • Final cementation of metal or porcelain combined with metal crowns and bridges.
  • Cementing orthodontic bands and stainless steel crowns.
  • Lining beneath restorative materials.

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