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Gold Post 120 Point


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The Gold Post 120 Point is a game-changing practice in dental care that will greatly enhance your practice’s restorative dentistry services. This state-of-the-art dental screw post gold plated has been meticulously designed to improve your clinical results in terms of longevity, accuracy, and patient satisfaction.


The Gold Post 120 Point is a flexible metal screw post dental and core restorations. When dealing with endodontically treated teeth or getting them ready for crown implantation, this product is a must-have. Because of its tapered shape, it fits easily and precisely into root canals, prolonging the life of restorations. The Gold Post 120 Point is useful for avoiding cracks in teeth and keeping your gums healthy.


  • The Gold Post 120 Point is made of pure, medical-grade gold, giving it superior resistance to corrosion and mechanical strength. Because of its longevity, you won’t have to replace your repairs as often.
  • The 120-point tip and tapered form of this device make it easy to put it into narrow spaces like root canals. This level of accuracy reduces the potential for perforations or stress on the tooth, making the procedure more comfortable for the dentist and the patient.
  • Gold’s biocompatibility with oral tissues is widely known. The Gold Post 120 Point’s material composition lessens the possibility of allergic reactions, making it ideal for a broad variety of patients.
  • When placed in the front teeth, the post’s natural-looking golden colour blends in seamlessly. This cosmetic benefit helps boost patient satisfaction since it allows for restorations that seem completely natural next to the patient’s teeth.
  • The ergonomic design of the Gold Post 120 Point makes placing easier and more rapid. Its tapered design makes cementation easier, which cuts down on wait time and boosts productivity.

Gold Post 120 Point metal dental gold screw posts will take your dental practice to new heights. Restorative methods should prioritise accuracy, longevity, and beauty. Pick something that represents the highest level of dental technology, paving the way for unmatched clinical achievement and long-lasting smiles for your patients.

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