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Lifeline Sutures Pack Of 6 (Black Braided Silk)


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Presenting Lifeline Sutures Pack of 6 (Black Braided Silk), the trusted solution for suturing wounds with accuracy and attention. Black Braided silk sutures from Lifeline Suture are purposefully made to serve your medical needs and solve the problems of healthcare providers and first responders.


Lifeline Sutures Pack of 6 (Black Braided Silk) is designed to cater to a host of medical applications. In the case of a hospital practice, in an ER setting or in field operation, these sutures are particularly suited for wound closure with high accuracy. The use of a black braided silk material guarantees strength and longer life, which means they can be used in different types of surgical procedures. Ranging from minor incisions to complicated surgeries, Lifeline Sutures black braided silk sutures are ready for any challenge.


The Lifeline Sutures Pack of 6 (Black Braided Silk) stands out with its key features:

Premium Material: Strength and reliability in wound closures made with these sutures, which are crafted from black braided silk.

Versatility: They are versatile sutures, and they can be used in various medical procedures as doctors have different needs.

Pack of 6: Six sutures are included in the pack, which is a sufficient amount to be used several times. This ensures that you have enough as and when it is required.

Easy to Handle: The sutures are manageable, and therefore, stitches can be very accurate. This is especially important in medical environments where accuracy matters a lot.

Sterile Packaging: The integrity of each suture is maintained in a sterile environment until it’s needed. This ensures that the sutures are sterile and available for use.

Lifeline Sutures offers top medical supplies without any compromise. This is also demonstrated by the Lifeline Sutures Pack of 6 (Black Braided Silk), which proves to be a reliable method of wound closure used in various settings by healthcare practitioners.

Make use of Lifeline Sutures for assuredness, precision and peace of mind in every stitch.

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