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Maarc Articulating Paper – 40µ Microns & 100µ Microns (Pack of 10)


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Maarc Articulating Paper – Soft, smooth, non-sticking, sensitive surface for marking at every point of articulation. All films are available with double-sided color coating for the marking of antagonistic contacts.

Articulating paper is a diagnostic tool used in dentistry to highlight occlusal contacts and the distribution of occlusal forces. That is, it marks those points on the teeth where the teeth contact during biting and grinding. Articulating paper is made of a thin, non-adhesive paper strip covered in fluorescent ink or dye-containing wax. A strip of articulating paper is placed between the teeth while the desired mandibular movements are performed.


40µ Microns #Blue, 40µ Microns #Red, 40µ Microns #Blue&Red, 100µ Microns #Blue, 100µ Microns #Red, 100µ Microns #Blue&Red

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