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Maarc Articulating Paper Assorted


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Articulating Paper Assorted 40 mic can take your dental work to the next level of accuracy. This set is tailored to the needs of dentists and provides unparalleled bite analysis accuracy, which leads to better patient outcomes and increased clinical efficiency.


  • Dentists cannot conduct an occlusion examination without the use of Articulating Paper dental. Incredibly accurate modifications can be performed when any high spots or anomalies in a patient’s bite have been discovered.
  • Use articulating paper in dentistry for flawless crown and bridge adjustments. This device helps dentists spot premature contacts so that restorations can be made to fit in with the patient’s bite naturally.
  • This articulating paper is useful for orthodontists in evaluating occlusal contacts before and after treatment to make well-informed judgements.


Bausch articulating paper 40 micron is ultra-thin with a thickness of 40 microns, making it sensitive enough to detect even the most minute points of touch. Its uniform thickness throughout the range guarantees accurate measurements

  • The articulating paper’s vivid colour transfer offers different lines on tooth surfaces, facilitating the proper visualisation and documentation of occlusal contacts.
  • The range of colours in this set is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of medical settings. The range of colours available allows dentists to accommodate individual patients’ tastes and the range of restoration materials available.
  • Patients are less likely to feel pain during bite tests because of the articulating paper’s smooth texture.
  • The articulating paper provides rapid and accurate feedback, which speeds up the process of planning and adjusting therapy, therefore decreasing patient chair time and increasing practitioner productivity.
  • The production process for Articulating Paper Assorted 40 mic is closely monitored to ensure it meets or exceeds dentistry industry quality requirements. Every sheet is precisely manufactured to have the same thickness, colour saturation, and accuracy throughout all clinical applications.

Improve your dental practice’s occlusion analysis, crown and bridge fit and orthodontic treatments by using red and blue articulating paper. Have faith in a resource that helps dentists provide excellent care for their patients and produce remarkable results.


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