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Denmax Dental Bibs & Tray Sheet (Pack of 125 pieces)


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In dental practice, professionals understand that your comfort and safety are of utmost importance. That’s why they’ve chosen to introduce the Denmax dental disposable tray sheet and Denmax patient bibs—a product designed with you in mind. This pack of 125 disposable bibs and tray sheets is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to their commitment to your well-being during your dental care journey.

Nobody likes the feeling of dampness during a dental procedure. The bibs and dental paper tray covers are made from top-notch, super-absorbent materials. They have a knack for locking in moisture, ensuring that liquids stay where they should—away from your clothing and dental tray. With this exceptional absorbency, you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ll stay dry and comfortable throughout your visit.

Your health and safety are non-negotiable. That’s why the bibs and dental tray covers are disposable. No more worries about whether they’ve been properly cleaned or sanitized. After use, they simply dispose of them, guaranteeing that you’ll always be in a fresh and sanitary environment. It’s their way of ensuring your well-being.

They are aware that dentist appointments might be unsettling for some people. The bibs are made to be as comfortable as possible for you. Their top non-woven layer is soft and comfortable on the skin, ensuring that your dental work will be painless. The simple neck tie fastening makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

They are concerned not only with you but also with the dental equipment. That’s why there are tray sheets in this set. They prevent dirt and germs from sticking to equipment and surfaces, keeping your process as germ-free as possible.

Perfect for All Dental Situations

The Patient Dental Bibs & Tray Sheet is versatile and suitable for various dental situations:

For Routine Check-ups: Whether you’re coming in for a cleaning or a filling, these bibs and tray sheets have got you covered, ensuring your comfort and our hygiene standards.

When Orthodontic Care Calls: Orthodontic treatments often involve various tools and liquids. The bibs help maintain a clean workspace, ensuring your orthodontic journey goes smoothly.

During Oral Surgery: Oral surgery can be a bit more involved. These bibs provide the crucial protection needed for both you and the dental team.

Paediatric Dentistry: Experts know how fidgety little ones can be. These bibs make it easier to manage our younger patients by keeping them clean and dry.

The Patient Dental Bibs & Tray Sheet Pack isn’t just about hygiene; it’s about caring for you, their valued patient. With excellent absorbency, disposability, and a focus on your comfort, these bibs and tray sheets are here to make your dental experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible. Because when you’re comfortable, they are smiling too.



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