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Shofu Beautifill 2 Kit


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Shofu Beautifil II is the second generation Giomer which is light cure fluoride releasing direct aesthetic restorative material and is developed using S-PRG (Surface Pre Reacted Glass) fillers to provide superior aesthetics with excellent shade match and enhanced handling characteristics while maintaining strength & durability. The Basic Kit also provides an ideal bonding solution through the “Beautibond” which is a self- etch single bottle system consisting of the unique dual adhesive monomer technology. Its filler structure has been developed to stimulate the internal structure of the natural teeth with ideal light transmission and optical characteristics. On the surface of the tooth restored with Beautifil II a material film layer is formed by saliva that is reported to minimize plaque adhesion and inhibit bacterial colonisation.


Kit, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2

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