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Speedex Putty Set

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Speedex has elastic recoverability and reproduction, which is otherwise only achieved by A-Silicones. As a result of the low shrinkage, impressions remain dimensionally stable and can be cast for up to 7 days without problems. Furthermore this premium C-Silicone shows an outstanding wettability and excellent flow characteristics.

The Speedex system gives the advantage to work with only one activator for 3 consistencies.

Speedex light body has outstanding wettability and excellent flow characteristics. Saliva and blood are displaced by Speedex light and have no negative side effects. With the variable setting time of Speedex light body the important mucosal movements, which are necessary for the full and partial denture technique, can be taken very precisely. A presicion impression is the key for an accurate fitting denture. Speedex Light Body offers physical properties that approximate to those of addition cured silicones – polyvinylsiloxanes. Haemostatic or anaesthetic substances do not influence the setting process. The handling with latex-gloves is also uncritical.

Speedex Activator – Universal Activator for Speedex putty, Speedex putty soft, Speedex light body and Speedex medium.

Speedex putty is the preferred material for the 2-step technique where pressure is needed.

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