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Online dental shopping

Start of onlinedentalshopping.Com

Sitting in my own dental practise, and ordering dental materials each day was taking so much of my time. I was thinking of how easy it would be if I could in a click of a button, get the products delivered.

I then realised, i have done an ecommerce Website designing course, maybe I can design something like this. There maybe so many of us out there who would need the same.

I gave it a thought and designed the overall business model. I knew I did not have all the inventory of the world, but I had a start. I wanted all the vendors to have a place where they can market their product, and themselves also be a part of this website.

After a lot of research, and discussions, I started by the name Online Dental Shopping. Today we are an e-commerce store supplying to Mumbai dentists and looking to expand Pan India soon.

We are a store of 60 products for the time being and are in talks for dealership and partners to incorporate more and more products with the best rate possible.

It will take a while, but maybe someday, the agents won’t have to go door to door striving hard to sell their product. Bigger companies and Vendors, offer a discount and grab the order whereas the small vendors have to suffer.

The whole purpose of this website was to ease away the dentist to sit in his/her consulting and order the product required for his surgery as well as the vendor to have a platform the reach more people possible.

We are continuously in need of motivation and would love your participation in this project. We are not a big company just a small venture, launched by the dentist for the dentist!!!

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