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Trending techniques in dental healthcare – Cosmetic Dentistry 

Dentistry has come a long way. Gone are the days when patients only sought dental care as a last resort. This was probably when they couldn’t sleep due to toothache. A dental examination was associated with excruciating pain arising from the use of brute force and crude weapons.

As an upcoming dentist, you certainly have noticed a huge transformation – from the days of your dental school – in a modern surgical room. First, you are impressed by the interior décor. But this is not the only impression you decipher. You also notice that not only is the dental surgery facility pleasant to you, but there are remarkable additions of the state-of-the-art electronic gadgetries.

Below are some of the dental techniques you should look forward to.

3D printing

The latest fade in cosmetic dentistry is the utilization of 3D printing. Although the technique is still in its medical infancy, look forward to its exponential application soon.

Tests have established that 3D is the best solution for replacing damaged denture in events such as accidents. 3D can make a replica of the destroyed tooth, therefore, restoring the gaps with a similar implant.

Besides, its application could cover all dental areas such as veneers, crowns, and retainers.

Oral makeover

With the advent of the Internet and social media, more people have access to their dream models. And social celebrities have worked hard to attract large crowds.

One of the most visible features these models and celebrities have is their pearly and even denture. And they invariably convince their followers to look just like that.

So don’t be surprised when a client books a mouth makeover, complete with a preferred outlook already.

With the digital cameras and photo enhancement technology, your patient can provide you with their final appearance after the procedure. They can even try an array of oral appearance to select their best fit.

This is a far cry from the conventional process where the main procedure involved tooth removal.

Laser technology

Unlike the old dental process where you applied your medical school’s technical knowledge to deliver better oral care, you can now harness the benefits of laser to pinpoint your procedure.

Not only is laser quick, but it’s also precise and painless. With it, you bypass many elementary procedures that are time-consuming and painful.

A laser technique can take the curvature of a specific tooth’s root or even a gaping cavity to quickly and correctly fill in a brace or eliminate a tumor even on sensitive gums.

It also treats mouth bacteria and significantly elevates the patients’ oral hygiene standards.


As a dentist, expect to meet children running to your dental chair and enjoying your oral tapestry. As the dental equipment gets more sophisticated, so will the process.

You will have plenty of cosmetic activities filling your appointment desk. Finally, you will use less time to deliver a lovely smile to each of your patients.  

As a result, your dental artistry shall also reflect in your bank account. Now, you have yet another reason to keep smiling about.

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