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3m Espe Filtek Z350 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit


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Filtek ™ Z350 XT is a dental restorative composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations.The kit of restoratives are available in Dentin, Body, Enamel and Translucent shades packaged in syringes and single-dose capsules. All shades are radiopaque. A dental adhesive, part of the kit, is used to permanently bond the restoration to the tooth structure. ADVANTAGESFiltek ™ Z350 XT restorative dental kit has bonded nanofillers help retain its brilliant polish.In-vitro lab data has shown that the wear resistance of restoration.A clinical study consucted for a duration of 5 years has revealed that statistically there is no significant difference between Filtek ™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative and natural enamel.The restoration maintains a smoother surface, meaning the initial impressive gloss will last for years due to the creation of unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles.

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