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Alginate Hydrogum 5


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Hydrogum 5 is an extra-fast setting alginate, with a homogeneous consistency and an accurate reproduction of details. It ensures less stress for the patient, thanks to the time in mouth of only 45 seconds.

Hydrogum 5 is a high-performance scannable alginate with 5 μm detail reproduction and 5 days of dimensional stability.

Hydrogum 5 is the Zhermack solution for satisfying the needs of the most demanding practitioners.

Its high precision in detail reproduction, which is similar to that of a silicone, helps to obtain accurate impressions. In addition, its high dimensional stability guarantees impression accuracy for up to 120 hours.

As it is scannable, Hydrogum 5 facilitates access to digital workflows and improves communications with the dental laboratory, which can directly obtain a digital model (without having to perform the casting phase).


For recording impressions for dental treatment
Recommended for temporary crown and bridges, removable prothesis and chromes, study models, antagonists in fixed and removable prothesis

Long dimensional stability of impressions (5 days of dimensional stability)
Easy mixing
Homogeneous mass, smooth, compact surfaces

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