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Avue Gum Putty & Light Body


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In the world of dental impressions, Avue Gum Putty and Light Body is the gold standard. The Avue Gum Putty Light Body is a cutting-edge dental product that was developed to provide modern dentists with the precision and reliability they need.


Dental impressions for implant restorations, fixed prosthodontics, and orthodontic treatments are where Avue Gum Putty Light Body is most often used. Because of its one-of-a-kind composition, it is able to capture even the tiniest of the oral cavity with ease and fluidity. This light-body gum putty ensures accurate results for superior clinical outcomes while doing crown and bridge work, onlays, veneers, inlays, or full-mouth restorations.


  • Due to its outstanding flow qualities, Avue Gum Putty Light Body accurately reproduces the dental arch in all its complex detail. This degree of accuracy results in restorations that fit snugly and accurate impressions that require fewer modifications.
  • It improves the patient’s experience throughout the impression process because of its silky texture and pleasant flavour. Patients are less anxious, which decreases their gag reflex and increases their willingness to cooperate.
  • It saves time since dental practitioners know they can depend on Avue Gum dental putty’s fast-setting time to have the impression done as soon as possible. With its short working period, the material stays pliable upon application but quickly hardens to produce a firm imprint.
  • The gum putty has a high tear strength, so it doesn’t become distorted when the patient takes it out of their mouth. This assures that the imprint will not be compromised in any way on the way to the lab.
  • Dental impression putty is compatible with a wide range of impression trays and materials, giving dentists more options for how to use it and making it easy for them to incorporate it into their current dental workflows.
  • Due to the material’s high level of detail capture, dental professionals may create restorations that fit perfectly, increasing patient happiness over the course of time.

When it comes to dental impression materials, Avue Gum Putty Light Body ushers in a new era of precision, comfort, and efficiency for dental professionals and their patients alike. Its cutting-edge design guarantees precise replications for a wide range of dental applications, making it a solid pick for doctors who strive for clinical perfection.

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