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Denmax Suction Tip (100 pcs)


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The Denmax Suction Tip Assorted Pack is a revolutionary new way to improve the effectiveness and comfort of dental operations for both the dentist and the patient. In order to provide smooth oral evacuations throughout a variety of dental procedures, this pack of 100 high-quality disposable surgical suction tips is an essential tool for dental professionals.

Dentists who value reliability, precision, and patient-centred treatment will appreciate the Denmax suction tip dental pack. These meticulously crafted suction tips provide powerful suction and efficiently remove excess saliva, blood, and debris from the mouth. This improves the dentist’s range of vision and control, resulting in more precise operations and less time spent in the chair.

The variety of sizes and shapes in the Denmax Suction Tip Assorted box is a major benefit. Having a variety of tips available allows dentists to easily adjust to varying treatment settings, allowing for effective fluid evacuation even in difficult-to-reach places. The tool’s adaptability makes it useful for a wide range of dental operations, from simple cleanings to intricate surgery.

These saliva ejector dental tips are constructed from medical-grade materials to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. Patients of all ages will have a pleasant experience due to their ergonomic design and lack of sharp corners. The Denmax Suction Tip Assorted pack’s compatibility with most conventional suction systems facilitates retrofitting into preexisting dental structures.

These suction tips are disposable and designed for usage with a single patient, thus reducing the potential for cross-contamination among dental workers. In addition to being in conformity with strict infection control regulations, this also simplifies the sterilisation process, saving time and money.

If you’re a dental professional who places a premium on speed, accuracy, and the well-being of your patients, you need the Denmax Suction Tip Assorted 100-Count Pack. This portable dental saliva ejector improves the possibilities of dental practise and maintains the highest standards of dental treatment due to its versatile size range, superior suction power, and dedication to infection prevention.



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