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Prime Dental RC Seal


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This sealant has been specially designed to tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal. It can be easily removed along with Gutta Percha Point when refilling is necessary.

Prime Dental RC Seal is a highly effective dental solution that dentists and other dental workers use to seal and protect tooth implants like root canal fillings. RC Seal’s name, which is an abbreviation for “Root Canal Seal,” refers to the fact that this product’s main goal is to protect and preserve root canal treatments throughout time.


  • The primary use of Prime RC Seal is to seal the root canal space after the diseased pulp has been removed. With this barrier in place, bacteria and other contaminants are kept out, increasing the probability that the root canal treatment will be successful.
  • The superior sealing qualities of Prime Dental RC Seal make it an effective choice for use as a root canal-filling material. It moulds itself perfectly to the root canal walls, sealing them up completely and for good.
  • RC Seal can be used as an apical plug to seal the root canal’s apex, greatly enhancing root canal sealing.


  • Prime Dental RC Seal provides an airtight and bacteria-resistant seal inside the root canal due to its superior sealing qualities. For root canal procedures to last, it’s critical that the risk of reinfection be kept to a minimum.
  • The material is biocompatible, which means that it is well-tolerated by the body’s tissues, which lessens the possibility of any difficulties or unpleasant responses.
  • RC Seal is radiopaque. Thus it can be seen clearly on dental X-rays. The dentist may check the seal’s accuracy and performance during the following appointments because of this feature.
  • The material is simple to work with and installed precisely into the root canal system. This convenience helps dentists save time and effort, which in turn improves the quality of care patients get.

Prime Dental RC Seal ensures a secure and long-lasting seal since it is Resistant to Displacement and Washout, even in a humid environment.

When used to form a long-lasting and secure seal within root canals, prime dental RC seal root canal sealant is an effective and trustworthy dental solution. Because of its outstanding sealing characteristics, biocompatibility, and simplicity of handling, it is often used by dentists for root canal procedures that provide positive results for their patients.

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