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Denmax Endo Box Autoclavable ( Circle Type )


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Meeting Dental Professional Demand: the New Denmax Endo Box Autoclavable (Circle Type) is the most convenient stand for endodontic instruments. Made of hard plastic, this autoclavable endo box organizer has been designed for simplicity and convenience.


Whether it is organizing or sterilizing endodontic instruments, the Denmax Endo Box is at your side. Its round design makes the space more effective so that files, reamers and other endodontic instruments can be stored more economically. No matter whether you’re in a crowded general clinic or an eye-for-detail dental office, this plastic autoclavable endo box properly sterilizes instruments while also allowing them to be conveniently and orderly stored.


Crafted from high-grade plastic, the autoclavable endo box is durable and long-lasting. Not only does the circle-style design enhance the appearance, but it also optimizes space utilization. The Dentsply endo box organizer is a nice, convenient solution, as it allows dental professionals to keep the instruments they need close at hand during procedures.

The Denmax Endo Box is autoclavable, adding to the convenience of your daily regime. Once used, sterilize the entire box and its contents to maintain a sterile, healthy environment for your patients. The autoclavable endo box has been designed to maintain its structural integrity through the heat sterilization process and is a sound infection control option.

No longer need to search for missing instruments or be concerned about their cleanliness. The Denmax Endo Box keeps your work area neat and your instruments at hand. The endo box organizer conforms to the highest standards of hygiene and has an autoclavable design that means workflow is streamlined.

This is a practical and durable solution for dentists wanting to improve their instrument management. The autoclavable endo box combines functionality and ease of use. Just simplify your daily routine and concentrate your efforts on quality care.

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