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Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss


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Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss is a revolutionary new development in dental care. Whether called Prevest Denpro Platina Hi-Gloss or this revolutionary product, it’s sure to bring smiles to both dentists and their patients. Thanks to its superior formula, Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss sets a new mark in dental procedures.


High-Gloss Finish: You can obtain a fine, glossy finish easily. Prevest Denpro Platina Hi-Gloss produces a brighter shine, the aesthetics of which remain in the patient’s mind.

Versatility: Whether you’re doing crowns, bridges, or various other dental restorations, Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss can serve them all. Succinct and versatile in use, it is an indispensable tool for every dental professional.

Durability: You needn’t worry about wear and tear. It not only achieves a beautiful gloss but also maintains a durable surface finish, prolonging the life of the restoration.

User-Friendly: Dental procedures can be complex, but Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss makes it simple. It is also very easy to apply, integrating smoothly into your workflow and saving you time and labour.

Patient Satisfaction: Give your patient an unblemished smile with restorations that look natural as well as feel comfortable to wear. Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss provides another reason for patient satisfaction with its high-gloss finish.


Restorations: Great for giving dental restoration that perfect polished look.

Crowns and Bridges: Whether it’s a single crown or a complex bridge, you can count on Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss to produce a high-gloss finish every time.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Ideal for cosmetic procedures where the aesthetics matter most, Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss makes dental work look its best.

Looking for the best in gloss as well as durability? The answer is simple: Prevest PlatinaHi-Gloss, or Prevest Denpro Platina Hi-Gloss. One product combines ease of use with superior results, completely changing standards for dental care.

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