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GC GIC 9 High Strength Posterior Restorative

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The GC high strength posterior restorative will change the way you practise dentistry forever. It is a state-of-the-art dental material created specifically to restore posterior teeth. This cutting-edge restorative, developed by GC, a world-class innovator in dental technologies, offers unrivalled strength, aesthetics, and usability, making it a must-have for every dental practise.


The GC gold label ix dental products are created with posterior tooth restorations in mind. The occlusal stresses and chewing needs of the posterior area are met by this unique restorative, making it ideal for repairing broken molars or treating cavities. It can be used for everything from minor fixes to extensive work on several surfaces, and it always provides reliable, long-lasting results.


  • The GC gold label 9 shows extraordinary strength, guaranteeing durability and resistance to wear even under extreme situations. The long-lasting functionality it provides makes it a great choice for posterior restorations.
  • The GC GIC 9 is very durable, yet its sleek design doesn’t betray its superior strength. Patients can have their teeth repaired and have them look just like their originals because of a wide variety of natural-looking colour options that mix in with the patient’s existing dentition.
  • The GC GIC 9’s ease of use will be much appreciated by dentists and dental hygiene professionals. Its silky texture and remarkable adaptability make it easy to put, allowing for exact restorations to be made in a short amount of chair time.
  • The special composition of the restorative reduces shrinking during curing, resulting in an accurate fit and less chance of microleakage. This means less pain and sensitivity for the patient.
  • The GC GIC 9 has been developed to be biocompatible, which increases patient safety by decreasing the possibility of allergic reactions or other negative side effects.
  • The GC gold label 9 posterior is completely adaptable to the aesthetic choices and tooth colour of each individual patient.

The GC GIC 9 High Strength Posterior Restorative will take your dental office to the next level. This restorative material, backed by GC’s history of innovation and quality, gives dentists the tools they need to perform successful posterior restorations. Redefining excellence in dental care with GC GIC 9, you may experience the ideal combination of strength, aesthetics, and usage.


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