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The SDI Aura Bulk Fill is a state-of-the-art technology that will revolutionise the way dental restorations are done in the future. This cutting-edge tool simplifies and expedites the process of repairing teeth for dentists, resulting in greater patient comfort and longer-lasting restorations.

The SDI Aura Bulk Fill provides dentists with an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge technology and a welcoming, intuitive interface. One-step installation is possible with this bulk-fill composite material, which greatly reduces chair time and improves the patient experience. Its strong radiopacity provides reliable imaging for diagnosis and monitoring after therapy.

The primary benefits of the SDI Aura Bulk Fill are its rapidness, ease of use, and high-quality aesthetic outcomes. By just needing to apply one, thick layer to a cavity, dentists may save time because of the material’s quick light-curing capabilities. Not only does this speed up the repair process, but it also reduces the probability of the voids and gaps that might occur when applying many layers at once. The end result? A long-lasting, one-piece restoration that blends in seamlessly with the tooth.

The exceptional depth of cure of the aura bulk fill composite, which permits constant, reliable curing of material up to 5mm in depth, is one of the product’s notable advantages. This level of cure allows for the confident completion of even the most complex restorations without sacrificing final quality.

The superb handling characteristics of the Aura bulk fill SDI is another benefit for dentists. The material’s viscosity is just right for easy placement and sculpting; you can give it whatever shape you choose without worrying about it sticking or slumping. This is very helpful in creating natural-looking curves and a good bite.

When it comes to improving dental restorative treatments, the SDI Aura Bulk Fill is a game-changer. It sets the path for fast, high-quality restorations because of its quick installation, deep curing capabilities, and cosmetic superiority. Improve your dental clinic with the cutting-edge SDI Aura Bulk Fill.



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